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Que - How much time does it takes to activate the order after payments are done?

Ans - Acounts are activated within 24 hrs after we have received the payments.


Que - Is PHP and MYSQL enabled on all hosting plans?

Ans - YES its enabled by default.


Que - Is Domain Registered under my name?

Ans - YES Its registered under your name only.


Que - How do I check domain name availability?

Ans - You can check it though the form on domain registration page.


Que - Do you offer FTP access in all hosting plans?

Ans - YES its enabled by default.


Que - Can I have a subdomain like "subdomain.mydomain.com"?

Ans - YES its available in all website hosting plans.


Que - Can I check how many people have visited to my site?

Ans - YES Site stats software is present by default in all web hosting plans.


Que - Can I host blog, forum, shopping cart on my hosting account?

Ans - YES you can and infact you have Fantastico autoinstaller available too in your cPanel control panel so that you can install them with just few clicks automatically within minutes.


Que - How do I upload my website?

Ans - After you have purchased web hosting and received your Hosting Acount Welcome email then you can upload files using any FTP software like "filezilla"(free) or you can also upload through "file manager" option in your hosting cpanel conrol panel.


Que - How do I change my billing and contact information?

Ans - You can chnage it from your billing client area.


Que - What payment modes do you accept?

Ans - Please check payment options page.


Que - Are there any hidden costs involved?
Ans - There are no hidden costs. All costs of our hosting and domains are shown on the web site.


Que - Do you offer a Free Trial?

Ans - We do not offer free trial however we do offer 30 days money back guarantee on web hosting.


Que - Is it possible to buy Hosting without a Domain Name?

Ans - YES you can just purchase web hosting with us and register domain name with any other company of your choice.


Que - Do I need a dedicated IP for my web hosting account?

Ans - You require dedicated IP only if you plan to purchase and install SSL certificate on your site.


Que - I have a problem in my hosting account. How can I email you?

Ans - Login to your billing client area and submit support ticket from there.


Que - Do you have any testimonials from your existing customers?

Ans - Yes we have Video Testimonials.